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BlitzPrep helps athletes find purpose and success through authenticity, technology, and innovation.

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Brian Price
Former NFL Defensive Tackle
BlitzPrep Graduate

BlitzPrep is a Culture Change

BlitzPrep isn't just about helping the individual athlete. It's about showing the world that athletes are so much more beyond the game.

Everything Athletes Need to Transform Their Lives

If you are searching for what is next after football, preparing for a successful life when you are done playing, or just looking for a place that understands the unique needs, mindset, and challenges of being an elite athlete, BlitzPrep has you covered.

Transformative Online Experience

Cutting edge multimedia and interactive content that's more like watching your favorite Netflix show than going to class.

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On-demand Coaching

BlitzPrep Success Coaches are peers, mentors, and experts that are available to you on-demand. We're here to help support your life and career journey.

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Career Services

Every BlitzPrep member gets access to hundreds of thousands of jobs, exclusive career preparation services, and access to a career coach.

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In-person seminars, workshops, and events that help teach athletes of all ages the skills, mindset, and preparation to succeed.

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How BlitzPrep University Works

See how easy it is to transform your life with BlitzPrep University. Season 1 now streaming, only on BlitzPrep.


Stream TV Quality Content


Learn Valuable Lessons


Get Real World Results

BlitzPrep is for the design conscious.

See all of the ways in which BlitzPrep can help you live life with amazing possibilities.


Learn How To Build Powerful Relationships

BlitzPrep University helps you create extraordinary relationships! And equips you with the tools you need to develop a balanced personal and professional life.


Accelerate Your Career

All BlitzPrep University graduates learn to create tangible assets like resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and have immediate access to thousands of jobs across the country. All with the help of a dedicated BlitzPrep Success Coach.


Develop Real-World Skills

BlitzPrep University and BlitzPrep's in-person seminars, workshops, and events are meant to be equally engaging, entertaining, and impactful in building skills.


A Community For Life Long Brotherhood

BlitzPrep is your hub for connecting, growing, and networking with our exclusive "athlete only" community. All members are current and former athletes just like you.

The Talk Of The Sports World.

BlitzPrep is a sports revolution! Find out Why.

“This type of idea is a revolution for student athletes. It shows a true vested interest in the student's wellbeing and their success. It truly is next level thinking in action."

Matt Dyson
Head Coach
George Mason University

“BlitzPrep is not only a platform where former athletes can receive guidance/coaching on the next quarter of their lives, but it is also a familiar space where ex-players don’t have to feel ashamed of where they are in life, due to BlitzPrep’s dedicated faculty that strives to aid future leaders in life after sports.”

Jerome Jackson
Running Back
University of Michigan

“A very much needed tool to assist the modern athlete to help propel them into their next phase post career. Looks like it can be very helpful to athletes who are struggling to find their niche in life after their playing days are over.”

David Harris
Patriots & NY Jets

“BlitzPrep is innovative and a way to help athletes transition to create new opportunities for themselves. Most athletes struggle with the “what’s next” approach. BlitzPrep gives athletes hope that sports are just a head start to life.”

Ron Bellamy
Head Coach
West Bloomfield HS

BlitzPrep Out In The Wild.

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