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Thank you so much for meeting with us yesterday! We wanted to share a few sample videos and pieces of content that will help show you some of the amazing work that BlitzPrep is creating to help former athletes.

We can't wait to help change the lives of millions of people together!

-Shari & Michael

BlitzPrep Trailer

BlitzPrep - Mike Martin on the "Uniqueness of You"

BlitzPrep - "Reason" Trailer

Quotes from Former Players Supporting BlitzPrep's Mission

Ron Bellamy
New Orleans, LA
Wide Receiver, University of Michigan
Pro-athlete 2003-2007 (multiple teams)

“BlitzPrep is innovative and a way to help athletes transition to create new opportunities for themselves.  Most athletes struggle with the ‘what’s next’ approach.  BlitzPrep gives athletes hope that sports are just a head start to life.”
“Shari Acho has a heart of gold and she is one of the best motivators I’ve encountered. She will help you develop an understanding that nothing is impossible”.

Jibreel Black
Cincinnati, OH
Defensive tackle, University of Michigan

“The nature of college football calls for the majority of your free time during college. While the rest of the student body is headed overseas to fancy internships, you’ll be giving a strength coach your best effort on bench and squat while pretending the odds of making it into the NFL are not stacked against you (0.2%  of athletes make it). BlitzPrep gives you an accelerated route towards a future of freedom and that’s very important.”

“Since I met Shari she was the only person that was consistently preaching about “this life after football” that no college football player wants to know but will undoubtedly meet. An Angel of warning in her own right.  There’s different types of Angels. Angels that guard and Angels that give warnings of what’s to come in the unseen future. Though we couldn’t see our future after football you could and you warn us with MPACT on how to prepare.”

Andre Criswell
Detroit, MI
Fullback, University of Michigan

“BlitzPrep is stepping up to the task of helping athletes tap into their purpose beyond their athletic ability. This is long overdue!  With most sports there’s an expiration date for athletes and with this as a resource, it’ll allow athletes to transition into a more meaningful experience and way of life because a few passionate folks came together to address this lingering issue that athletes must reinvent themselves after their done playing.  Can’t wait to see BitzPrep’s impact 5,10,15 years from now!”

Julius Curry
Detroit, MI
Strong Safety, University of Michigan
Pro-athlete 2003-2007 (multiple teams)

“This is important because for most people your sport becomes your identity and is how you become known and oftentimes when you are done with your sport, you have a sort of ‘identity crisis’.  BlitzPrep gives former athletes a toolkit, road map and a built-in support network to help them transition into the next phase of life giving them power over their next moves.” “Shari is a good teacher for this course because she has proven over the course of her 25+ years in intercollegiate athletics that she understands the unique needs of former athletes. Shari’s passion for helping former athletes succeed in life after sports is easily visible through the life successes of the former athletes she has worked with.”

Matt Dyson
La Plata, Maryland
Outside Linebacker/Defensive End, University of Michigan
Oakland Raiders 1994-1995

“This type of idea is a revolution for student-athletes. It shows a true vested interest in the student's well being and their success.  It truly is next level thinking in action."

“In a world full of false promises, it’s important to find credible sources, compassionate people and people with a passion for what they do for a living.  Shari Acho brings that to the table every day.  She makes sure that student-athletes and their families know they are important.  She puts forth true desire to give students the best information possible for their success.  You want the best?  You got it.“

David Harris
Grand Rapids, MI
Linebacker, University of Michigan 2003-2007
New England Patriots and NY Jets 2007-2017

“A very much needed tool to assist the modern athlete to help propel them into their next phase post career. Looks like it can be very helpful to athletes who are struggling to find their niche in life after their playing days are over.”
“Shari has dedicated her life to helping many athletes during and after their playing days. She has developed personal relationships that have given her great insight and knowledge on what will make their journey a success.”

Jerome Jackson
Saginaw, MI
Running Back, University of Michigan 2003-2007

“BlitzPrep is not only a platform where former athletes can receive guidance/coaching on the next quarter of their lives, but it is also a familiar space where ex-players don’t have to feel ashamed of where they are in life, due to BlitzPrep’s dedicated faculty that strives to aid future leaders in life after sports.  So many players are down on themselves and ashamed of where they are in life don’t want to show their faces and we are all brothers. The brotherhood should live on forever - this is our frat.”

“That’s the sad part about us ex-players --  we are a lot like ex-military guys when you are done nothing is fulfilling. It’s just a hard thing to replace the brotherhood, the camaraderie the physicality, the grit, and the being a part of something bigger than you. This sense of belonging to something for most men is a priceless feeling. You are putting ex-athletes back in the game which will save lives.”

“Shari Acho is hands down a selfless person that has a helping and giving spirit. A woman that’s genuine beyond measure, nothing is fake or forced about the work she does with loved ones and/or the community she serves.  She is a person that will stop at nothing to see others happy and winning in life.  She is a person that has an infectious personality that positively effects and lifts ups whoever is around her.  Shari truly embodies love at its true definition and core of what it stands for.”

Terry Richardson
Detroit, MI
Cornerback, University of Michigan

“BlitzPrep is important because it bridges the gap between athlete and non-athlete perspectives with socio-economics. The time that is allocated to sports takes away from athletes properly preparing themselves for what’s next after sports. This programs allows athletes to hear different success testimonies, provides mentorship, and develop skills that are essential for a new career.“

“Shari Acho is the ideal leader for BlitzPrep because of her experience with athletes over the course of 25 years in various institutions. She has developed and implemented programs that are proven to help athletes better themselves post career which allows further success.”

Laterryal Savoy
Mamou, LA
Wide Receiver, University of Michigan

“This tool will be a game-changer for athletes. No longer will athletes be forgotten after their playing career is over. I love this concept.”

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